Toma Lucie

Viszeral & Cranio Sacral Alignment

Toma is a physical therapist and overall embodiment educator working with holistic osteopathic techniques .

Born and raised in Berlin starting her Yoga & calisthenics journey whilst living in Barcelona in her early 20’s.

She embodies love & light believing in the healing energy of movement.
By following her concept „three pillars of the body“ (the physical, the mental and the spiritual) she is on an ongoing quest to explore and work with the many elements of healing (breath, meditation, frequency and overall movement) and joyfully sharing her heart, light and knowledge with her clients & students.


Our system can be reactivated through a series of modalities to relieve your fascia and align your muscle chain, redevelop neurological connections.

The Body's inherent mind-body connection learning to rebuild awareness, explore our abilities & activate our inner connection.Our sensory cortex is devoted to providing information for knees, hips, arms, hands & overall system.

Lost awareness can make our system dysfunctional over time as the rest of the body has to compensate and regulate to maintain stability, upright posture and balance.

By realigning the organs and relieving tension of the fascia from head to toe this treatment is designed to activate your parasympathetic (rest & digest) while calming the sympathetic (fight/flight) system.