Julia Wunderlich

Embodiment Women´s Circle

Julia is an ayurveda therapist, ayurveda chef and mindful meditation teacher. She got influenced deeply by amazing teachers of the feminie, first of all Chameli Ardagh and Maya Tiwari. She is learned in trauma sensitivity,  has skills in vedic reading and knows how to read your dosa and karmic imprints by feeling your essence.

Julia gave birth to her first Ayurveda Baby in 2014. While traveling and deepening her knowledge in India, she came to paint her tigress underneath a mango tree and her new project was born: rolling tiger.

Due to her own history with thyroid issues and Endometriosis, she specialized in Ayurveda for women, mainly hormonal balance, wisdom of the womb and cyclic living.

In 2020 she fullfilled her dream of creating a community space, where women offer various traditional healing arts for other women. A place which feels like home to the heart and soul, a place being nourished by love.

Being a mother and selfemployed and capricorn taught Julia the importance of nourishing, balancing and self-compassion as being a women in modern society. Ayurveda opened the path to her own healing and self-love. She is deeply in love with the techniques she is teaching, with an wholesome approach, practical, down to earth and close to spirit at the same time.