Ilinca Barbato

CreARTivity for Wellbeing & Healing

Not only that I’ve been using art for years now in order to deal with my emotions, express myself and understand my feelings, but I have unknowingly help my friends do so, without even being familiar witht the concept of “art therapy”. This came to my attention this year, after being laid off from my job and not knowing what to do next, I intuitively started to use art as my creative journal and a means to create a structure in my daily routine. What I have learned through my own experience I want to share with others! I am 27 years old, was born in Bucharest and been living in Germany for the past 6 years.

My studies:

Master of Science, Marketing & Management (2022) IEK Berlin (German institute for relaxation techniques and communication): Art and Creativity Therapist & Autogenic Training practitioner (2023)
Sound medicine Institute Berlin (2024)


The sound of your h’ART:
sound bath and heart painting

Catch your dreams:
dream catcher creation, sound bath & intention setting

The sound of your hands:
blindfolded clay modelling and sound bath