Florencia Lamarca

Fluentbody Workshop

Florencia Lamarca was born in 1981 in Uruguay. She brings 20 years of dance experience, primarily training and performing with Ohad Naharin of Gaga Movement, guest dancer for 12 years at Sasha Waltz |&guests, among other dance companies.

Having worked as a somatic therapist  since 2011, she qualified as a Grinberg practitioner and has since developed her own approach to healing drawing on her experience and knowledge. She has been traveling the world teaching unique workshops combining her extensive knowledge of movement, her choreographic research and her somatic therapy approach.

Florencia is the founder of the Fluentbody method, since 2021 she is offering the Teacher Training / Fluentbody Academy  in Berlin.


Bodies have their own language. They tell a story, and constantly seek to feel as alive and fluid as possible. Uncovering this fluidity gives us the potential to enrich our senses and imagination, to experience lightness and power, and to raise our self-awareness and the capacity for self-healing.

How can we reconnect to my body’s language and fluidity?

We will take a journey through movement, dance, connecting and feeling, to explore the intricacies of our stories. Connecting conscious and unconscious movement, we will uncover delicate, pleasurable and powerful movements, without self-judgment. We will open doors to new places, awakening physical sensations, which can also work on an emotional level.

Fluentbody helps people to be generous to their body and mind, to develop a sense of what they want and don’t want, and to gain more of their own strengths and possibilities.