Liva Franke

tea ceremony
My name is Liva and my way with tea started eight years ago when I experienced my first-ever tea ceremony. It was followed by a long period of time dedicated to getting to know this ancient plant and many overseas flights to meet tea again and again. In 2019 I went to the Global Tea Hut School in Taiwan to cultivate the ancient practice of tea ceremony and the vastness of the tea world shows me I will forever strive to enrich my knowledge about tea. I want to have an impact on this world. Not in numbers or material things but in the way life runs through me and makes me see its beauty. How tea changes me inspires me to change for tea. The better I am, the better my tea will be. The better my tea will be, the better I will want to become. Let me become a vessel of life and all its wonders and bring the medicine of Tea and Ceremony wherever I go. Let me be at the service and serve you some tea.
Cha Dao - The Way of Tea - is an ancient Chinese practice that honors tea as a spiritual elixir for calming the mind and connecting us back with Nature. Tea as a plant medicine, awakened by hot water, helps us to listen to our body and heart, see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and feeling in harmony and presence. She connects us back to what we already know by simply breathing and being alive. She is non-verbal, and non-religious while resonating with many religions. You don’t need to believe in anything or be someone specific. Tea meets you where you are and reminds you of who you are.