Mounira Latrache

Meditation & Learning Session

Mounira is a business mentor supporting leaders and organisations to make the shift from systems of control to co-creative organisms to create a new paradigm that serves humanity as a whole. Her focus lies in the journey from self-leadership to co-leadership. She brings 20+ years of leadership experience at international brands like Google, Red Bull, and BMW. 


Mounira was a pioneer of Google’s mindfulness community and its success led her to train teams at companies around the world. As the co-founder of Connected Business and international certified Search Inside Yourself trainer, her mission is to empower Leaders of the New Paradigm who find new ways of co-collaboration to create a world that serves the next 7 generations to come. In the past years, she worked with and mentored more than 30.000 (business) people and trained hundreds of teachers globally.

Her book Connected Business: How I learned to lead myself and others was published by Ariston/Randomhouse Publishing in April 2020.