Pablo Perez Reyes


Pablo, born in Tenerife, started Slackline eight years ago in Madrid, at the same he was finishing his studies in Philosophie. Finding new ways of expressing himself through movement has always been a passion for him.
He first connected with Slackline while he was recovering from a Knee injury with no good prognostic. It was a process of self-trust and acknowledging the limits of the body. Balancing ourselves requires attention, and for that we need to be calm and aware. All this together can be very powerful for a body/mind transformation.
In the past five years Yoga gave Pablo the opportunity to project this process of transformation into a disciplined and a daily routine. He is currently Student in Element Yoga with Alexander Kröker In Berlin.


Find Your Balance

The state of equilibrium never ends with steadiness or rest, but it rather keeps adapting to every new situation.

I will guide you to give your first steps on the slackline. Also, if you already feel comfortable walking a line, you might enjoy going through the foundations of balancing again in a different perspective. And if we feel comfortable, at the end we can give a try to few Asanas on the line too.