Larissa Domin

Kali Breathing

Larissa’s expertise bridges the chasm between ancient traditions and contemporary aspirations, enabling you to unlock your hidden potential and embrace your wholeness.
Trained in Himalayan shamanism, Tantra, Theta Healing and a diversity of energetic ascension practices,
Larissa orchestrates a symphony of transformation that resonates with the rhythm of your soul.
Larissa has facilitated countless events such as:

Tantric Breathwork for energetic expansion.
Ceremonies and Workshops on ancestral healing, shadow work, and more. Theta Healing for unlocking emotional and energetic blockages.
Kali Initiations for understanding and transforming darkness. Shamanic Drumming for journeying into hidden realms.

Spiritual Tattooing for embodying sacred symbols.

Are you ready to transcend limitations and step into your most radiant, authentic self?
Join Larissa Domin on your path to ascension and co-create a world of magic, love and limitless potential.

KALI BREATHING (2-3 hours)

Step into the transformative embrace of Kali-Breathing,
a powerful partner practice that merges Tantra and Tibetan healing.
This technique unveils the depths of your being through the power of breath .

Embark on an odyssey through your root and sacral chakra, where ecstatic unity in synergy with a partner can be experienced.
Kali-Breathing is an intimate exploration into the terrain of your emotional landscape of darkness and light.
With devotion as your compass, you journey through the inner alchemy that awakens your life force and ignites your creativity.
Discover the gateway to your authentic self, where deep emotions and creative power converge,
freeing you to embody your most vibrant essence.