Tatiana Krenz

Yoga Futura
yoga futura

With its spacious room and terrace, Yoga Futura is meant to serve as a place for both physical practice and gathering. The studio is situated in Neukölln, a lively part of Berlin, with cafes, restaurants and bars in every direction. Finding a location where we can tie yoga practice to social gatherings was an important aspect to us, and Neukölln is the perfect destination for this.

Tatiana has a unique curiosity and feel for people, and is able to empathise deeply with individual goals and aspirations. This allows her to provide support that simply feels right. She sees yoga both as a beautiful practice, and as a tool for fostering connections. Connections within oneself and between participants. Her energetic style brings joy to many.⁣
Julia likes to understand things in depth, and questions the dogmatic principles of yoga traditions. Through her practice, she seeks to re-evaluate which elements of yoga still serve us today. With humor and light-heartedness she encourages everyone to do the same, and engage in what they feel truly supports them.

Ashtanga Open is our signature style and represents an easeful take on the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method. These classes are built on the sequences practiced in Ashtanga Yoga, but they are modified to bring further accessibility to the practice. In some cases this means that variations are offered to the poses, in others it means that the pace is changed to fit the students’ needs. We also like to incorporate strength drills and other exercises that provide variety of movement. Although somewhat more playful and versatile than Ashtanga Led classes, these classes are also physically challenging. There are more explanations to the individual asanas, but similarly to the other Ashtanga formats, there is little to no references to spirituality. Music would only be played occasionally, e.g. to support the final relaxation sequence.