Wir haben alle Infos für euch hier zusammengefasst. Fragen, die uns immer mal wieder über den Weg laufen zusammengestellt, damit ihr bestens informiert seit.

Questions & Answers

The campsite is located directly on the site. You can arrive from Thursday, June 23, 2022 & June 30, 2022, from 3:00 p.m. Where you pitch your tent on the campsite is entirely up to you, but please use the marked areas as a guide in order to be able to use the available space optimally. Our team will help you find your way around the site. Access is only possible with a valid ticket.
You can bring your own drinks and food to the campsite.
At the Yoga United Festival you can expect many different food stands where you can buy enough food and drinks.
Yes, there are enough toilets and showers available for you on the site, which can be used at any time.
We will post all information on site or on the site. If something is still unclear, you can always ask our team for advice.
When you arrive at the site, you will receive your band, which you should pay attention to, because your band will be checked each time you leave and enter the site. So don’t take off your band and don’t lose it. There is no replacement for a lost tape.
When you arrive on the premises, you will receive information (handouts or flyers) from us with all the information about the yoga teachers and the workshops. We will also post the times on information boards on the site.
Yoga United Festival is kid friendly! There will be a kids area where your little ones can do handicrafts and play.
Unfortunately, animals are not allowed at the Yoga United Festival.
We do not tolerate any trafficking or consumption of illegal drugs.
– Open fire – Disturbance and vandalism – Parking and stopping violations – Violation of the glass ban
Your ticket price does not include a shuttle transfer between the station and the site. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to commute between the station and the site for little money. The shuttle bus number will be posted.
There will be a sufficient number of staff, paramedics and security personnel on site at all times, all on hand if you or anyone else needs assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her.
We wish you a memorable and peaceful weekend, so we ask that you be considerate of other visitors and the grounds at all times. We do not tolerate illegal drugs, weapons of any kind (e.g. stabbing and impact weapons, pepper spray, brass knuckles, etc.) are prohibited on the entire site. Willful damage to property, bodily harm, theft, trespassing, graffiti and any other crime will be reported and the perpetrators will be expelled from the premises immediately. Our motto is: be tolerant towards everyone and treat everything with care! No matter what questions you have, or if you need help, we will be there the entire time and be there for you. Let’s have an unforgettable weekend together.
Please do not bring confetti and/or glitter onto the premises. The Yoga United Weekend takes place in nature and we respect all plants and animals there. Soap bubbles are ok, but confetti in particular will be there for a long time, which we want to avoid.
The Yoga United team is very connected to nature, so we ask you to be careful with the plants and the lake. Keep your camping area clean, do not throw anything away carelessly and dispose of your rubbish in the rubbish bags that you can purchase on site. You will receive a rubbish bag and a deposit token for 5 euros upon arrival. When you leave, you hand over your filled sacks at the garbage station and you get your 5 euro garbage deposit back. Only if we all take care of the environment and the terrain can we celebrate many more nice weekends there. Please consider that.
The event takes place on a wooded lake, so you may encounter wildlife such as foxes and raccoons. As a rule, however, the animals are completely harmless and just curious. So you don’t have to be afraid.
You can pay in cash (euros) at all stands and bars. For technical reasons, payment with cards or credit cards is not possible. So take enough cash with you. An ATM is not on the premises.
We work closely with the respective authorities and will plan the festival for all guests and participants in detail and adapt all measures to the rules in force at the time of implementation. Of course, we also rely on your understanding, compassion and common sense to enable everyone to have a pleasant, safe and healthy festival. You can find out more information in our newsletter.

Other questions, write us a Mail to: inbox@yoga-united-festival.de