"Nothing is more beautiful than bringing people together who do not always agree, but reflect on what connects them." - Paramahansa Yogananda.


Is not just a sequence of movement and breathing, yoga is a way of life that can change all of our lives.


Our festival stands for connection and union. There is nothing more beautiful for us than to create for all of us.


Healthy and balanced life on all levels. Physical and mental health are our top priority.


With Yoga United it is important to us to awaken joy and lightness in every cell of your body.

Our Team

We are a diverse collective who take an inner joy in serving connection, community, transformation & love. We see this task as an affair of the heart and love the challenge of growing together. The UNITED feeling is deeply anchored in us, which we share with great dedication. We are convinced that the change to a better world happens within ourselves. We must be brave to truly recognize ourselves and be fully present.

Oliver Tatsch


Dany Ayvasky


Janna Gesell

Projektmanagement & Workshops

Projects we support

To make our planet a better place, we reinvest a portion of our profits into the projects listed. With every participation in our events you also support us.