Anjuna Ma Saraya

"Devine Feminine Leadership"

I am in service as a cosmic midwife for men, women, children, animals and souls who need support to remember that they are held and loved by the divine mother and father. I am a gatekeeper of the Christ light for Mother Earth and a priestess of Isis and Mary Magdalene. My name "Anjuna" is a spiritual name given to me many years ago from my soul in a meditation. She is a higher expression of my self, a goddess in the universe who sings for harmony and balance and brings through the light of abundance and love. "Saraya", my 2nd name, is the vibration of consciousness where my soul is coming from, the " Light of Unity" held in the Universe by the Ascended Master Lady Sara. My Service of Light is for all humans who wish to receive guidance about their divine soul and how to embody this light. Those who would like to expand into their higher heart of light.